Getting Started.

We'd like to take this time to welcome you to the new and exciting world of the outdoor laser tag business. We're here to help facilitate your entry into the business. We'll help you choose the equipment you need to get started as well as provide you with the necessary information to kick off your business in the right direction. We're dedicated to offering quality products and providing great service. So rest assured that you have an experienced team to help you along in the process of starting and building your new business.

But before you get started in this business, or in any business, you must understand that sincere commitment, dedication and effort is required. Your success will usually be measured in direct proportion to the amount of constructive effort you put in. Be honest with yourself and true to your present financial situation. Can you sustain yourself financially while you're growing your new business? Are you a fun and energetic person and can you relay that fun and energy to your customers? Keep in mind that the laser tag equipment is only a certain percentage of your business success the rest of it is YOU.

To get started in this business you first need to invest in your own set of quality outdoor laser tag guns. We recommend at least twenty units. As you grow your business over time, you'll need to invest in more units as the demand dictates. When your business becomes more popular in your area you'll find yourself conducting more groups (including double bookings) and larger groups (perhaps larger than the number of guns you possess) thus requiring more guns to accommodate. When any of these issues become significant then you should expand your arsenal. Remember you're in the business to conduct as much business as possible, not turn it down because you can't accommodate it.

Next you'll need to take care of a few important issues regarding your business. These issues include things like promotional items, business cards, a website, business insurance, etc. As part of your purchase of ten or more units we include important information about all the additional items you'll need to make your business viable and successful.